Spaghetti alla bottarga is one of the simplest dishes in the Italian repertory, but it needs top-notch ingredients. The two best in town, says bottarga fiend Ashibi, have got to be at Madeo and Giorgio Baldi.

Give the crown to Madeo, says Ciao Bob, who loves Baldi but says Madeo uses higher quality bottarga.

Cucinamore found Madeo’s pasta con bottarga strangely creamy on one visit, rather than the usual dry and oily texture. They insist there’s no dairy in there, though.

Briganti does a really nice version of this dish, says Jack Flash. It’s not on the menu, but it’s a frequent special–if you’re set on having it, call ahead.

Tarako spaghetti is spaghetti alla bottarga’s soul sister…or probably more like its soul grandchild. The version at Ducks is very tasty, just the right balance of noodles to sauce, says Hling. The curry, at least with beef, is tender and flavorful, with a dark Japanese-style curry sauce. ipsedixit finds the curry a bit to sweet and watery, but lapchern says it’s typically neither, and that it blows the likes of Hurry Curry/Curry House out of the water.

Madeo [West Hollywood]
8897 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles

Il Ristorante de Giorgio Baldi [Beaches]
114 W. Channel Rd, Santa Monica

Briganti [Pasadena-ish]
1423 Mission St., South Pasadena

Ducks Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
1381 E. Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel

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