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Recall that scene in “Bridesmaids” when Kristen Wiig’s character is handed a pink lemonade en route to the bridal shower? “Oh s**t,” she mutters, “that is fresh,” nearly irritated at the perfection of the drink itself as well as the darling gesture of being offered it at the foot of the driveway. Now, pink lemonade is cute and all, but if you’ve ever been even slightly impressed with yourself for having the wherewithal to toss some mint in your lemonade, buckle up. These sassy summer coolers will ensure you are always the belle of the ballgame, beach, or barbecue. With all manner of herbs, fruits, teas, and even flowers in the mix, these 10 lemonades are as fresh (i.e. refreshing,) as they are fresh (i.e. teeming with attitude.)

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Rosemary Raspberry Lemonade

Dr. Weil

If the situation calls for pink lemonade, resort to other means besides a splash of cranberry. That stunt is for lesser hostesses. Here, raspberries provide a demure blush, and complex rosemary subtly reminds your guests that you bring both beauty and brains to the table. Get the Rosemary Raspberry Lemonade recipe.

Chamomile Lemonade

Cracker Box Kitchen

As soothing in chilled form as it is in a steamy mug, complete with honey-sweetened lemonade. Perfect for a summer book club gathering on the patio. Get the Chamomile Lemonade recipe.

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Sumac Lemonade

Sumac delivers its own natural tartness here, such that lemon need only take a backseat. I don’t think it will mind. It drives a lot of events all summer long. Get the Sumac Lemonade recipe.

Earl Grey Lemonade

Move on over, Arnold Palmer. This tea-and-lemonade combo with hints of bergamot and flowers begs for a female golf legend namesake: Nancy Lopez? Annika Sorenstam? Babe Zaharias? Get the Earl Grey Lemonade recipe.

Peach Thyme Lemonade

There’s Country Time, and then there’s country thyme. Either way, when summer fruit stands are keeping you well-stocked in peaches, this little number needs only be paired with a porch swing. Get the Peach Thyme Lemonade recipe.

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Blackberry Sage Lemonade

There’s pink lemonade, and then there’s brooding, magenta lemonade, saturated with blackberries and given a savory edge with sage. Freeze it into a slushie to offer as a post-meal palate cleanser, like, “What? Of course I prepared a palate cleanser.” Subtle superiority for the win. Get the Blackberry Sage recipe.

Sparkling Dill Lemonade

Edible Baja Arizona

While you may think that dill only belongs in a savory way, I would argue that this is precisely why it belongs in a lemonade to pair with your best grilled fish or summer veggie frittata dishes. A little bit of sparkle adds texture and nuance. You’re not afraid to be truly impressive, are you? Get the Sparkling Dill Lemonade recipe.

Strawberry Tarragon Lemonade

Tarragon is a real grown-up herb, like a sweeter, and yet more haunted basil. Strawberries are there for familiarity, and oh? Yes, this one’s also pink. Coral, perhaps. So grown-up. Get the Strawberry Tarragon Lemonade recipe.

Lavender Lemonade

I mean, how garden party is this? In addition to being a lovely floral component and delicious dance partner for lemonade, lavender also escorts a host of homeopathic goodness, like the most gracious of all garden party attendees. Get the Lavender Lemonade recipe.

Ginger Hibiscus Lemonade

You want pink? How about freaking fuschia? Zingy hibiscus plus spicy ginger equals a lemonade that heralds a rager more than a polite occasion. Hand this off on the driveway and all will know you mean business. Get the Ginger Hibiscus Lemonade recipe.

Also, perhaps it goes without saying that a little gin would hardly hurt any of these…

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