There’s nothing like a freezing cold soda to cool you down on a hot summer day, but imagine if it actually was frozen. You know, like those Slurpees you can only find at 7-Eleven or a movie theater. And what if it came in an easily portable pouch instead? This new game-changing reality is on its way to Japan, where Coca-Cola just announced the release of Frozen Lemon Coke and Fanta pouches. The Fanta ones will come in both grape and orange flavors.

Just throw the pouch in the freezer and boom, instant slushie! It’s basically like a soda version of a Capri Sun, minus the impossibly difficult straw. It will actually be sold in both frozen and un-frozen forms, which is kind of weird, but the idea behind it is that consumers can make the beverage as liquidy or solid as they like and then massage the pouch to achieve their desired level of crunchiness and texture.

According to the Independent, these pouches have been in the works for over eight years. Apparently this is a big development in soda packaging technology! Who knew?! There aren’t any plans to roll out the pouches in the U.S., so us poor Americans will just have to throw our bottles of Coke into the freezer and hope for the best. Try it at your own risk, but trust us,  DIY soda slushies are so in this year! Your next barbecue will thank you.

These pouches are just the latest in a long line of packaging changes for Coca-Cola. Check out our gallery that dives into fascinating design history of this summertime staple. And in terms of flavor, check out our review and rankings of the latest Diet Coke flavors that hit shelves earlier this year. (Spoiler alert: Twisted Mango is the best!)

Header image courtesy of Instagram / @markie_devo.

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