Mayochup (ketchup mayonnaise condiment, or fry sauce)

While ketchup is considered the king of condiments by many, mayonnaise and mustard also have their ardent fans. All three have equally passionate detractors as well, but there are others who can’t bear to choose between them. Luckily, “mayochup” now exists—and while it’s not available in the States (yet), we do have fry sauce, which is basically the same thing.

So, is this the best thing since sliced ketchup? Some people seem to think so, while others are more reserved, or even aghast. But it’s not even new, really.

While the Internet is currently going wild about it, other brands have already been making and marketing the mixed-up condiment, sometimes by the same name, sometimes literally spelling it all out:

brands of mayochup


Even Heinz has been selling it since 2016, but only in the Middle Eastern market.

And then there’s the aforementioned fry sauce, a popular American combo of ketchup and mayo that is said to have been invented in Utah around 1948. While fry sauce by any other name may be just as delicious, there’s always something particularly appealing about a mash-up (was “ketchannaise” ever a contender?)—and why should celebrity couples be the only ones who get fun portmanteaus? Mayochup could be the Brangelina of the condiment world! With a happier ending, one would hope.

What’s slightly surprising is that people actually buy these fairly basic blends instead of just, you know, stirring some ketchup and mayo together at home. It’s not like it takes years off your life, despite a certain fantastic “Mr. Show” sketch for Mayostard and its offshoots, Mustardayonnaise and Mustmayostardayonnaise. (Speaking of, why not try our Spicy Mustardaise recipe on your next sandwich?)

Heinz isn’t limiting itself to mayochup, either; they offer a wide range of flavored mayonnaise products, including lemon mayo, chili mayo, and garlic mayo:

Heinz flavored mayo (mayochup)


While you can’t get those in the US at this time either, you can certainly whip them up in a matter of moments in your own kitchen (and everyone knows Hellman’s makes the best commercial mayonnaise, anyway). But if you still feel left out, you can cast your vote to elect Mayochup as the next American condiment:

vote to bring mayochup to America


Failing that, Amazon offers a collection of Heinz sauces comprised of hot chili sauce, cocktail sauce, curry mango sauce, and Knoblauch sauce with garlic and herbs. None may have the same ring to them as mayochup, but they’re probably all just as good on fries, burgers, and sandwiches, and that’s what’s really important.

Note: This post has been updated to include a mention of the Mayochup Twitter poll.

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