This year marks a rare occurrence. Easter falls on April 1, a.k.a. April Fool’s Day. With two holidays in one day, the potential for crossover practical jokes is endless. In other words, you might want to be extra cautious before biting into an egg or carving up a ham. Here are some of the easiest ways to fool loved ones this Easter Fool’s weekend. And here’s the best part: they only require foods you already have on hand.

Cadbury Grapes

If you want to hog all the chocolate for yourself, this is the prank for you. The next time you’re gobbling down Cadbury Creme eggs, be extra careful when peeling off the wrappers. Set them aside and re-use them on grapes or other egg-shaped berries and fill up a bowl. A candy dish filled with fruit may result in one of the biggest disappointments for your guests this Easter, so it’s perfect to deploy on your pesky aunt.

Veggie Eggs

Oh, Honestly

This one is sure to teach the kids to eat their vegetables. Have the Easter Bunny hide a few eggs that just happen to be filled with carrots and broccoli, instead of jelly beans. This is the one holiday you can get away with it! You can also take it a step further by filling an entire Easter baskets with office supplies, just to give the kids a dose of the future corporate drudgery they’re bound to encounter.

These Eggs Are Not What You Egg-spected

Even corporations are getting on the prank action. Reese’s recently took over a supermarket in New Jersey and filled all the egg cartons with Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Eggs instead. That’s a major upgrade if you ask us. It’s not so much a prank, as it is joy. I mean, wouldn’t you prefer chocolate and peanut butter to mundane groceries?! They even set up a hidden camera to capture people’s reactions. You can check it out above and envy their delicious reversal of fortune.

Fill an Ice Dispenser with Jelly Beans


Because why not? It’ll confuse the hell out of your guests, and also provide them with extra candy, so they can’t really get mad at you. Just have a cooler with actual ice on hand and you’ll be fine!

Caramel Onions

The Loon

No, we don’t mean caramelized onions! We’re talking about caramel-covered onions. While they may have nothing to do with Easter, this trick is too good to ignore. It’s as easy as replacing an apple with onion, and dipping it in a deceptive coat of caramel for a truly evil dessert prank. This one’s sure to go over well with the in-laws.

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