Will  “avocado hand” be a thing of the past? That’s what these students are hoping. A group of six teenagers created a gadget that can help slice and de-stone the fruit with a way lower risk of injury than your standard knife. It’s called the Avogo and it already won first place at the Design Ventura challenge at the London Design Museum.

The innovative invention works by piercing a hook into the avocado’s thick skin, which allows the user to pull the blade around its circumference. It can also be used to de-stone the fruit as well.

Following their major victory at the competition, the teens are now in the process of setting up a Kickstarter campaign.  They hope to manufacture up to 250 of their ingenuous inventions, with the goal of selling them for 10 pounds each. They intend to donate the rest of their earnings to charity. Aww, what sweet kids!

The students came up with the idea after one of them, Shiven Patel, hurt himself while cutting an avocado. But he’s far from the only one. In fact, given the growing popularity of avocados, there’s been an uptick in injuries caused by people attempting to stab and slice their way through the fruit’s thick outer coating, only to encounter the larger center stone. This happens so frequently that the term “avocado hand” has been coined in order to describe these injuries. And no one is immune, not even Meryl Streep! If it can happen to a three-time Oscar winner, it can happen to you.

Since it may take some time before you can possess your very own Avogo, you’ll have to use a regular old knife for slicing purposes. Check out our video below to learn the best techniques, so you enjoy your avocado toast in peace without a trip to the emergency room.

Of course, we may no longer be able to afford avocados at all some day, in which case, there’s always fake guacamole.

Header image courtesy of Brighton Pictures.

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