Radishes have a lovely crunch; it’s especially nice to mix up spicy radishes with mild radishes. Farmers’ markets will often have a number of different ones to choose from:

The daikon is a large Asian radish, with a sweet and mild flavor.

The French breakfast radish is also mild and will be along in the springtime. Eat them French-style, Das Ubergeek suggests, “with a sliver cut out of the top, a bit of sweet butter smashed in the cut, and a teeny sprinkling of sea salt.” They’re equally nice thinly sliced onto a well-buttered baguette, and seasoned with a shake of good salt.

They’re also very easy to grow. All you need is a few flower pots and some potting soil; the plants don’t require much depth. Sow some seeds, water, and wait. If they sprout up too close together, thin the plants out, and add those shoots to a salad.

Info on growing your own.

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