Can’t get over your ex? With the most romantic holiday of the year coming up, it might be hard to get over your relationship (or lack thereof) blues. If you’re in a dark and desperate emotional place, you might as well turn to a dark and desperate literal place—Hooters. For the third year they’ll give you free boneless chicken wings to help you get over your ex. I guess we can all cancel our annual therapy sessions now.

In case you haven’t taken part in this annual tradition (hey, some of us are regulars), here’s how the offer works. Just as in years past, you can bring a photo of your ex with you to the dining establishment (we’re using the term “dining establishment” very loosely here). Order 10 boneless wings, proceed to tear that photo of your ex in half, over and over again (really let it all out!), and then get 10 more wings for free. It’s that easy.

The only catch is that it’s a one-day only offer, redeemable only on Valentine’s Day. The offer is also only valid one per person, so don’t bring a shoebox full of pictures either.

There is no shame in eating alone in a Hooters on Valentine’s Day. Really, it could be worse, you could be eating alone at…okay we’ve got nothing. Given the dire circumstances, you may want take advantage of the “eat Hooters wings alone at home with wine, Netflix and a box of tissues” option.

Just use their shiny Shred Your Ex website, where you can upload the photo and digitally destroy the thing. You can even burn, bury, or throw darts at them. After digitally avenging your past lovers, you’ll  get a coupon for the buy 10, get 10 offer, which you can redeem with takeout. There’s always dignity in the drive-thru!

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