There are a lot of ill-advised online dating tricks. You’ve probably lied about your age or used an outdated profile pic or failed to mention your divorce isn’t yet finalized (details, am I right?). None of that will help. But here is finally a hack you can count on. Thanks to some fascinating survey results, we can assure you that food, once again, is the solution to all life’s woes, even those involving Tinder.

A study released by, an online dating company, analyzed the dating profiles of 3.7 million users. Those who mentioned food in their profiles received more messages and potential matches. That kind of makes sense. Food is so universal and beloved and it’s almost impossible to have a bad opinion about it. Unless you like strawberries on pizza. If that’s the case, you’re doomed to spinsterhood forever.

The study also looked at over 350 million first messages and interviewed 7,000 individuals about their interactions to drill deeper into this phenomena. Most notably, they were able to determine the foods that were most fruitful in the pursuit of romance. (Spoiler alert: only one of them was an actual fruit.)


The number one result shouldn’t surprise you. It’s guacamole, of course. Because there is literally nothing young people won’t put avocado on, including their profiles. Those who mentioned the dip in their bios were 144 percent more likely to receive messages from potential mates. It’s only natural that the millennial superfood of choice would lead to love. There’s nothing it can’t do.

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The second runner up?  A less trendy, but just as universal food: potatoes. Who doesn’t like french fries? A monster, that’s who. In third place is chocolate, which is classic and romantic, if you like clichés I guess. And the fourth runner-up, weirdly enough is salad. Do not date this person.

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