You might not expect it from the silly name, but Chili Lemon Garlic does great Thai food. Dave MP likes the boat noodle soup, #37 on the menu ($6.95). The broth is dark and has a nice beef flavor, though this is somewhat overpowered by the flakes of fried garlic that are generously sprinkles over the soup. If you like fried garlic, though, that won’t be a problem. Meatballs are good and very beefy; the rare steak isn’t really rare, but it’s good nonetheless.

They claim to be able to make any dish vegetarian using fake meat, but this claim is as yet untested by ‘hounds.

Chili Lemon Garlic Thai Cafe [Mission]
3166 24th Street, San Francisco

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Noodle soup at CLG (Chili Lemon Garlic) in the Mission

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