Try a Montreal bagel, and you’ll never go back! Or a Toronto bagel, or one from New York. Bagel love needn’t be monogamous!

Montreal bagels are small, a little sweet, doughy, and at the same time, chewy. carswell proclaims them to be the “pinnacle of bageldom”. Though there is a concern that they’re getting bigger, and the hole is smaller. Just can’t thread them on your finger!

Toronto bagels have their adoring fans. They have a perfect crunchy crust, and are soft and moist inside, says spades. They won’t stick to your teeth, either.

New York-style bagels are more salty than sweet, and soft on the outside. They can be difficult to eat, because they’re so chewy.

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Just Curious: Do any non-Montrealers love Montreal bagels?

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