If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Or at least when it comes to making hot sauce. Not all of us are fans of foods that are supremely spicy, to which we ask a resounding “what kind of person are you?” (Just kidding, maybe). For those who can handle a little spice, but only when paired with something sweet, meet your new favorite condiment: fruit-based hot sauce. They are not only easy to make, but also take full advantage of the beautiful produce that summer has to offer.

From pineapple and peach to mango and strawberry, we’ve gathered some of our favorite flavors to liven up your lackluster dishes. Scroll down to check them out.

Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce

Chili Pepper Madness

You may not be taking that weekend getaway to the Bahamas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the versatility of pineapple. Make this sauce while it’s seasonal and throw yourself an island-themed BBQ. Get the recipe.

Caribbean Jerk Peach Hot Sauce

Chili Pepper Madness

We love ourselves a jerked chicken, but we’re simply obsessed with sweeter varieties, all thanks to the simple addition of peach. And that’s just peachy. Get the recipe.

Watermelon Habanero Hot Sauce

watermelon habanero hot sauce


Watermelon’s sweet meets habanero peppers’ heat, and cider vinegar bridges the gap between them. Get the recipe.

Passion Fruit Hot Sauce

Curried Cantaloupe

Our passion for passion fruit knows no bounds, which is why we had to mix it with thai chilies and immediately bottle it up. Shake this over some pad thai for a much-welcomed kick. Get the recipe.

Strawberry Bourbon Habanero Hot Sauce

Fork, Knife, and Love

Despite the presence of strawberries, this one certainly packs a punch. Fiery habaneros paired with a strong bourbon? Just call us an Uber now. We’ll want to head straight home after dinner. Get the recipe.

Peach Hot Sauce

Primally Inspired

You don’t have to head down to Georgia for a dash of this sweet heat. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if any Southern lady carries a bottle of this in her purse. It’s just that good. Get the recipe.

Mango Habañero Hot Sauce

Food for My Family

Mango and habanero have been a match made in heaven for centuries. Now you get to oversee their nuptials within the comforts of your own kitchen. Get the recipe.

Cherry Bomb Hot Sauce


There’s no better time to bring back “the bomb.com” when describing something. In this case, it’s cherry bomb hot sauce that incorporates refreshing (and healthy!) cherry juice. Get the recipe.

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