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dog kitchen tools and gadgets (great gifts for dog lovers)

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but the same can be said about a slice of cheesecake or a delicious brisket. In fact, there are times when we prefer the latter: less responsibility and absolutely no barking.

For that fido-loving friend who also happens to love cooking and baking, why not combine the best of both worlds with these dog-inspired kitchen gadgets? They’re adorable, make perfect gifts (hint, hint: August 26 is National Dog Day), and could possibly enhance the quality of your meals (or at least the experience of making them).

From a corgi wine stopper to dachshund chopstick rests, scroll down to fetch all of our unique finds. They give a new meaning to the term dog treats.

“Corki” Wine Stopper, $7.06 on Amazon


We judge (ever so slightly) those who are in need of a wine stopper, but if you can’t finish a bottle (blasphemy), you may as well plug it with something adorable. And frankly, what’s more adorable than a Corgi?Buy Now

Dachshund Ice Cube Tray, $6.99 on Amazon

dachshund ice cube tray


If you assumed we’d toss in something hot dog-related to pay homage to the precious wiener, you thought wrong. That’s way too predictable! Instead, surprise cocktail hour guests with dachshund ice cubes. They’re quite the conversation starter.Buy Now

Dog Print Dishcloths, 2 for $9.45 on Amazon

dog dish cloth


The irony of this pick is that it’s usually your dog that’s creating the mess, not cleaning it. Horrible wet dog smell not included (we hope).Buy Now

Dog Kitchen Timer, $6.09 on Amazon

dog kitchen timer


You’ll now know when it’s time to walk your four-legged friend and take the cherry pie out of the oven. Multi-tasking at its finest.Buy Now

Dog Spatula, $12 on Amazon


One must “wag” the batter, not stir with this adorable Sur La Table spatula. Just don’t wag too much if you’re making a delicate soufflé. Buy Now

Dog Paper Towel Holder, $19.98 on Amazon


Dog lover, cat lover, fish lover, whatever. You don’t have to love animals to buy this hilarious and quirky paper towel holder that’s perfect for a modern kitchen.Buy Now

Dog Cast Iron Trivet, $14.97 on Amazon


Now that’s what we call a hot dog. Literally. Your pots, pans, and cookie sheets have never looked better.Buy Now

Dog Rolling Pin, $33.99 on Amazon


They see you rollin’, they hatin’, especially when they find out your rolling pin has dogs on it and theirs doesn’t.Buy Now

Dog Salad Serving Set, $26.91 on Amazon


Salads are typically one of the most boring dishes on the dinner table, but serving the greens with these utensils will have guests saying “bow wow.”Buy Now

Dachshund Chopstick Rests, 5 for $13.99 on Amazon

dachsund chopstick rest


You’ve heard of giving your dogs a rest, but now you can rest your chopsticks on these adorable silver dachshunds. And you thought your bowl of ramen couldn’t get any better.Buy Now

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