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Aside from crop tops, hot dogs, and last-minute road trips, the only thing that pairs better with summer is a cold bottle of rosé. And since we can only assume that you’ll be sipping the sweet libation in excess, we’ve rounded up 13 adorable, clever, and somewhat awkward corkscrews for your drinking pleasure. Scroll down to check them out. There’s a bottle opener for every personality, no matter how bizarre unique that personality may be.

Penguin Corkscrew, $16.61 on Amazon


When Happy Hour arrives, you’ll want to run (not waddle) your happy feet to the bar to retrieve this adorable gadget. Tuxes are completely optional.Buy Now

Dachshund Corkscrew, $14.99 on Amazon

dachshund corkscrew


Hot dog, this is an adorable option, and you have official permission to refer to it as your winer dog (that’s what the company calls it).Buy Now

Fish Corkscrew, $12.21 on Amazon


If you drink like a fish, pop bottles with a fish. But please, don’t adopt an actual fish. We’re already predicting its unfortunate demise.Buy Now

“Corkatoo” Corkscrew, $16.95 on Amazon

bird corkscrew corkatoo wine opener


Owning a noisy cockatoo may inspire you to say “stick a cork in it.” Now, you can quite literally stick a cork in it and get on with your daytime drinking.Buy Now

Pirate Corkscrew, $11.20 on Amazon


Surrender the booze or walk the plank. Who ever knew a scary pirate could be so adorable?Buy Now

Woman Corkscrew, $41.95 on Amazon


Our initial reaction was that this fashionable corkscrew was somewhat sexist, but then we saw a male version and realized most of those are NSFW.Buy Now

Unicorn Corkscrew, $7.25 on Amazon


Honestly, this is the only part of the unicorn craze that we can actually get behind. No gimmicks, no over-the-top flavors or colors, just magic (because pouring wine is magic, duh).Buy Now

Darth Vader Corkscrew, $9.99 on Amazon


“Luke, I am your new favorite kitchen tool.”Buy Now

Day of the Dead Corkscrew, $27.99 at Walmart

Day of the Dead skeleton corkscrew


When we saw this sleek opener, we literally died. Literally. No bones about it.Buy Now

Cat Corkscrew, $14.94 on Amazon


A handheld contraption that will have you saying “here kitty, kitty.” But be sure to handle kitty with caution. You don’t want a hangover the next day.Buy Now

Tulip Corkscrew, $15.83 on Amazon


It’d be more thematic if this were a rose, but a pretty and sunny yellow tulip certainly suffices. The real question is if it can flourish with alcohol instead of water. All signs point to “no.”Buy Now

Pig Corkscrew, $12.95 on Amazon


Aside from being adorable, this pig corkscrew is a foreshadowing of what you’ll potentially look like after a few bottles. Because let’s face it, a light and simple brunch turns into an all-you-can-eat buffet after the buzz hits.Buy Now

Red Push Pin Corkscrew, $5.63 on Amazon


Since it’s also magnetic, you can use it to hold your grocery list that reads “buy more wine.” We love items that serve two purposes!Buy Now

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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