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So you’ve decided to hop on the road and explore the wonders of ‘Murica by car. Great! Like your vehicle, you’re going to need lots of fuel (in the form of food, of course) to get you from place to place. Since we’re pretty much the Stephen Hawking of snacks here at Chowhound, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite energy-boosting, healthy, and easily transportable nibbles to set you on the right path when it comes to mindful eating. In fact, you can kick those fast food and convenience store pit stops to the curb if you prep and buy the following products in advance. Bon voyage!

Buddha Bowl Popcorn with Coconut Oil (pack of 12), 33.74 on Amazon


Popcorn is binge-friendly and it’s inevitable that you’ll finish an entire bag. Feel less guilty with this health-conscious brand that cooks kernels in coconut oil and seasons with Himalayan salt. We’re actually pretty sure that Buddha would have approved.Buy Now

Biena Ranch Chickpea Snacks, $6.58 on Amazon


Since hummus spoils, snack on the next best thing: roasted chickpeas. These baked delights will remind you of Cooler Ranch Doritos, which is obviously never a bad thing.Buy Now

Mary’s Gone Crackers Pretzels (pack of 2), $17.97


Dipped in hummus, soft cheese or on there own, you’ll love noshing on these crunchy, whole grain gluten-free crackers that taste almost burnt, but in a good way.Buy Now

Stevia-Sweetened Lily’s Dark Chocolate with Almonds (pack of 12), $51.99 on Amazon


Chocolate is necessary in any situation, but it’s absolutely mandatory during a summer road trip. The only remedy to arguments about radio control and backseat driving is chocolate. It’s a proven fact.Buy Now

Duke’s Hot and Spicy Smoked Sausages, $5.48 at Walmart


It’s human nature to have random cravings for meat, but too much fast food and sugar-laden jerkies can take a heavy toll on your body. These flavorful tiny sausages are the perfect alternative to Quarter Pounders. In fact, we eat these almost every single day.Buy Now

Seapoint Farms Dry-Roasted Spicy Wasabi Edamame (pack of 12), $13.16 on Amazon


Scared of dozing off behind the wheel? Grab a handful of these wasabi-coated soybeans for an instant energy jolt. You may want to be in park, though. They surely pack a punch!Buy Now

Nuttzo Mixed Nut Butter, $16.19 on Amazon


You don’t need to be paleo to enjoy your new favorite nut blend butter. Cashews, almonds, brazil nuts…it looks like Julie Andrews’ “Favorite Things” is going to need a modernized update.Buy Now

Rhythm Zesty Nacho Kale Chips (pack of 4), $18.12 on Amazon


It’s no Chalupa Supreme, but this nacho cheese kale chip variety may curb your desire to head to Taco Bell (which will also save you a trip to the bathroom. A true win-win.)Buy Now

That’s It Apple-Strawberry Bar (pack of 12), $14.99 on Amazon


This isn’t going to come close to a real apple or pint of fresh strawberries, but it will surely satisfy a craving for fruit. Plus, you get the added benefits of fiber and immunity-supporting vitamin C. Yay to good health.Buy Now

 Quest Protein Crisps (pack of 8), $19.20 on Walmart


These may be bland in taste, but protein is essential when it comes to daytime snacking. And wouldn’t you rather crunch into something than drink a boring protein shake? It’s all about convenience.Buy Now

Rind Superfruit Snacks (pack of 3), 17.09 on Amazon


Finally, these all-natural superfruit chews are made from some of our favorites fruits and they don’t waste the rind (hence the name), where you find a lot of that extra nutrition. Perfect to get that glucose up without a lot of cruddy refined or bleached sugar.Buy Now

All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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