Whether you love our commander in chief or you’re Kathy Griffin (yikes), one thing we all can agree upon: Trump’s Tweets are hella cray. So cray, in fact, that the president managed to create a new word during one of his nightly social media tirades. See below:


While it appears to be a simple slip of the small fingers, the typo has ignited a firestorm of parodies, memes, and hashtags that attempt to integrate the new word into our daily lexicon. And since we’re always of the food-and-drink mind here at Chowhound, it’s no surprise that our (and probably every American’s) mind went straight to coffee. (Or some Russian-esque spelling of it. Ba-dum-bump.)


Since Donald Trump is a businessman, it only makes sense for him to capitalize on this gaffe by releasing a branded line of “covfefe.” In fact, we’d like to recommend a particularly trendy (and frankly, orange) variety that’s not only unique in color, but also ridiculously healthy: the turmeric latte.

For those who are unfamiliar with the root, turmeric contains curcumin, a polyphenol (antioxidant-heavy micronutrient) that is known for its anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting benefits. When the spice is brewed with coffee and mixed with the dairy product of your choosing, it can make for a tasty, spicy, and nutrition-heavy treat.

Though Trump should probably eliminate caffeine altogether (how does he have the energy to be tweeting away after midnight?), we really think we’re on to a major branding and, most importantly, country-uniting opportunity. The president will be giving Americans something they love (at a subsidized price, we hope), but in a healthy, funny, and self-deprecating manner.

Cheap, wholesome coffee and zero mention of #fakenews? Now THAT’S making America great again.

(If you’re interested in making your own cup of turmeric coffee Covfefe at home, check out this vegan recipe from the folks at Sprouted Routes.)

Sprouted Routes

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