We’re not saying that we don’t love a good rainbow trend, but in the world of food and beverages, good trends go to die. Why? The world becomes obsessed beyond a level that is psychologically healthy (assumedly) and then it loses its novelty. Such is the case with Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappucino: a flavor-changing, 59 grams of sugar-boasting concoction blended and sprinkled with “pink and blue fairy powders.” Aside from being an assault to taste buds, waist lines, and wallets (~$5) nationwide, the drink (if you can call it that) is a representation of everything wrong with our desire to try something just because a) everyone is doing it and/or b) it “looks pretty.”

Call us bitter and pessimistic, but if your heart is just the slightest bit dark and Daria-esque, you’ll love Europe, Australia, and Asia’s rebellious answer to the mythical creature-in-beverage-form craze. Meet the black latte: a caffeinated bev that, frankly, matches the color of our soul.

Made with activated charcoal, the drink is said to detoxify while providing gastrointestinal and—amazingly enough—hangover relief. Now can a unicorn and its spiraled gold horn do that? We think not.

Sure, the black latte will probably become equally as popular as its rainbow and glitter counterparts (to which we’ll be assuredly be called hypocrites for writing this article in the first place), but cheers to these international cafés for having the humor and creativity to stray from the norm and introduce a product that really speaks to us. We’re sure Starbucks will be releasing their own version tomorrow.

Check out some photos of black lattes from around the world. And if you’re still riding the anti-rainbow train, you’ll want to scroll through our list of delicious black and white dessert recipes. They’ll be there to comfort you when the next crazy Oreo flavor or variation of rosé is released to the masses.




— Header Image: Instagram/@rawberryjuice

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