With summer in full swing we’re right in the midst of outdoor boozing season. Bevs like piña coladas and frozen daiquiris may be delicious on their own, but they’re pretty much the last things you’ll want to pair with gut-destroying hot dogs, hamburgers, and grandma’s infamous potato salad.

If you’re looking for a refreshing, non sugar coma-inducing drink to sip on while binging on food from the grill, look no further than these frozen versions of your well-known cocktails. From mojitos and rosé to negronis and Bloody Marys, the list is proof that nearly all of your favorite alcohols can be turned into slushies and served during our warmest months.

Frozen Coffee Shots


If you need a little caffeine with your booze, opt for these frozen coffee shots. Honestly, we don’t praise Kahlúa enough. Get our Frozen Coffee Shots recipe.

Slushy Blended Margarita


The idea of frozen margaritas isn’t novel, but we’ll never scoff at an annual reminder to stock up on necessary ingredients. Stop…tequila time! Get our Slushy Blended Margarita recipe.

Frozen Bloody Mary

Your favorite hair of the dog drink gets fancy with the simple addition of crushed ice. But can you stomach the idea of spicy frozen tomatoes? After a night of binge drinking, do you even care? Get the recipe.

Frozen Mojito

Mint meets ice to create one of the most refreshing summer cocktails you can get your hands on. And you don’t have to head to Cuba to try it. Get the recipe.

Negroni Slushy

Bottle Notes

Though it may be an aperitif, this negroni slushy instantly becomes a palate cleanser. Either way, it will make you say “ah.” Get the recipe.


There’s no denying that rosé elevates any summer day, but brunchgoers flipped with the introduction of “frosé” last year. Now you can make it within the comforts of your own kitchen. Get the recipe.

Frozen Peach Bellini

Damn Delicious

They say you shouldn’t mess with a good thing when you have it, but freezing a peach bellini takes an already perfect cocktail and makes it extra special. Get the recipe.

Frozen Dark & Stormy

Food Republic

Ginger is already refreshing, so you can probably imagine how amazing this tastes after a long day of gossiping, shopping, laying in the park and NOT doing anything athletic. The thought of the latter…in extreme heat…makes us cringe. Get the recipe.

Frozen Cosmopolitan

This has got to be Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite drink to sip on in the Hamptons. If it isn’t, someone phone Big and tell him to make this for her stat. Get the recipe.

Frozen Sangria

Our favorite wine and fruit blend mixed with ice and served in a tall glass? All we have to say is: Olé! Get the recipe.

Frozen Moscow Mule

Our favorite part of a Moscow Mule is the ice nuggets, so a frozen version may take some getting used to. That being said, we’re sure this not-so-difficult-to-imagine variation delivers. Get the recipe.

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