8 Totally Cool Wine Coolers

One upon a time, the wine cooler—a pour of Chablis from the jug, topped off with fizzy water—was the least sophisticated drink at the party. But the wine cooler has been cocktailized, with wine that’s used as a sophisticated base for balanced and interesting drinks. Here are 8 we’re thirsty for.

1. Crimean Cocktail


A light, crisp wine cocktail perfect for summer, with white wine, Cointreau, lemon, and soda. Get our Crimean Cocktail recipe.

2. Tinto de Verano


Similar to a Spritzer or a wine cooler, this Iberian cocktail is very refreshing. La Casera is the Spaniards’ preferred brand of soda mixer, but Sprite or 7UP is a fine substitute. Get our Tinto de Verano recipe.

3. White Wine Spritzer


White wine, soda, and a lemon twist: An easy cocktail for a warm-weather brunch or hot summer night. Get our White Wine Spritzer recipe.

4. Chardonnay Cover-Up


Usually a bottle of wine is a welcome gift, but if an oaky Chardonnay is not your wine of choice, turn it into a refreshing cocktail. Just mix it with some Aperol, orange bitters, and a lemon twist and serve it over ice. Get our Chardonnay Cover-Up recipe.

5. Raspberry Cocktail


An excellent way to use fresh raspberries, this drink looks fruity and fresh but still has a nice kick of gin. Try it at brunch with lemon ricotta pancakes, or for an afternoon cocktail poolside. Get our Raspberry Cocktail recipe.

6. Ruby on Rails Cocktail


The sweet combination of sliced strawberries, strawberry syrup, and rosé wine is balanced by the herbal complexity of gin and Pimm’s No. 1. Get our Ruby on Rails Cocktail recipe.

7. Femme Fatale Punch


This combination of sparkling wine and strawberries may look girly and fruity, but after one glass you’ll understand why it’s called punch. Get our Femme Fatale Punch recipe.

8. Aziza’s Lambrusco Sangria


Bubbly Lambrusco adds a little sparkle to classic sangría. With a hit of gin, this cocktail is strong but remains balanced. Remember to be delicate when stirring it or you’ll kill the bubbles! Get our Aziza’s Lambrusco Sangria recipe.

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