Check out this brilliant report on Noka Chocolate by Scott.

The short version: Scott checked out Noka Chocolates, a chocolatier selling chocolates at exorbitant prices. We’re talking $309 to $2080 a pound for simple molded chocolates. After some direct phone calls to Noka, Scott figured out that they don’t even make chocolate from the bean. They refused to tell him who they bought their chocolate from. When he contacted twenty other major chocolatiers, all divulged the source of their chocolate. Noka was the only holdout.

After some creative spreadsheeting, Scott figured out that the only exact match for Noka’s range of single origin chocolate was Bonnat. He followed this up with a blind taste test of Noka’s single origin chocolates against a group of other single origin chocolates–a clear match to Bonnat, for every origin.

And Bonnat’s chocolate is priced $33 a pound retail in the U.S.

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