I’ve heard tell that when you watch Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America, you see a more human side to the foul-mouthed celebrity chef as he helps various chefs and restaurateurs get their shiitake together. However, I revel in every crazy insult Ramsay cooks up (“That looks like a dog’s dinner, that does!”) and find sick satisfaction in how he consistently traumatizes the cheftestants and customers on Hell’s Kitchen (“You fat useless sack of yankee-dankee doo-doo!”).

Well, based on a few television-oriented blogs, it sounds as if Ramsay might be gearing up for an American version of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. TV with MeeVee encourages any interested be-kitchened parties to apply for the show:

Look no further—Fox TV and Chef Gordon Ramsay are now casting a new reality show, Kitchen Nightmares. The award-winning chef, culinary expert, and television personality is searching for restaurants in need of resuscitation. Chef Ramsay is offering his world-famous techniques and management secrets to help turn your business into a profitable and lasting success!

Another blog, TV Food Fan, thinks the news of the new show is a bit confusing and isn’t quite sure if Fox is going for a brand-new show or what. Referencing the above piece on MeeVee, TV Food Fan notes:

The piece is a bit vague, but I’m assuming it is an American version since it refers to it as a ‘new reality show.’ Also, it’s a bit weird because they include a link to an e-mail address of the ‘producers,’ but the address is actually owned by a company that helps people get cast on reality shows and their site has no mention of KN (although they do have a call for Hell’s Kitchen 3 applicants).

Scouring news sources and The Futon Critic has turned up nothing, so, like TV Food Fan, we’ll just have to wait for enlightenment.

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