Many are those aspiring souls who have “champagne taste on a beer budget.” But Oregon’s Golden Valley Brewery has come up with a quaff especially for the obverse kind of people: those with beer tastes on a champagne budget.

The brewery’s seasonal beer, IPA VS Brut, is a hoppy IPA that is treated like a sparkling wine. It’s barrel aged, bottled using Champagne yeast, and even riddled (stored neck down so that yeasts form a plug at the bottle’s top) while it undergoes a secondary fermentation.

But how does it taste? Brewmaster Mark Vickery notes in The Oregonian that

the beer pours like a deep golden Champagne with a rich head and smells of summer fruit with toasty malt. The hop aroma pretty much goes away during refermentation, but hop bitterness is still present and melds nicely with a wine-y tang.

Yum! But at around $20 for a 750 ml bottle, it ain’t PBR. Still, it’s a fine New Year’s Eve beverage for those who’d rather say “Beer me!” than “Salud.”

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