Like a favorite cocktail, the Oscars are reliable fun. In the same way that we never tire of our signature bar order, we tune in to the awards show year after year to be dazzled once again by the celebrities, the fashions, and those teary-eyed moments where the underdogs and ingenues get their hard-won recognition.

If you’re watching at home, some cinematically-themed drinks will add to the excitement as you await the final award (you’ll want something to help lighten the mood through the presenters’ forced jokes and the rambling acceptance speeches, anyway). So why not go for a cocktail that matches the spirit of your favorite flick? Here are eight drink recipes to salute each of this year’s top films with. And the nominees are…


In The Grand Budapest Hotel, dapper concierge M. Gustave drinks only the finest—that’s a bottle of Pouilly-Jouvet ’26 in an ice bucket with two coupe glasses, si vous plait. Even if you can’t quaff this fictitious champagne, you can sip on this bubbly, tequila-based riff on the French 75, which also nods to the country-shaped birthmark on the face of Agatha, the film’s patissier heroine. Get our Mexican 75 cocktail recipe here.


Several of the film’s early scenes are set in smoke-filled student pubs, where Jane and Stephen’s courtship kicks off. To blend in with the Cambridge crowd, order a pint of bitter. Or, for a truly enduring pairing, try a snakebite, a UK pub classic that mixes hard cider with lager. Get our Snakebite cocktail recipe here.

AMERICAN SNIPER: Bourbon Old Fashioned Milkshake

Bradley Cooper reportedly ate an 8000-calorie-a-day diet in order to bulk up for his role in American Sniper. This bourbon-spiked milkshake might not make you combat-ready, but it will help you reach such lofty caloric heights. Get our Bourbon Old Fashioned Milkshake recipe here.

SELMA: The Last Word

With equal parts gin, Chartreuse, lime, and maraschino, this cocktail keeps in line with the theme of equality at the center of historical drama Selma. Get The Last Word recipe here.

BOYHOOD: Texas-Style Micheladas

Many of the scenes in Boyhood have that wistful “only in Texas” ambience to them. You can salute the Lone Star State with its signature beer cocktail, the Michelada. It’s best enjoyed with a big bowl of chips and queso, which the film’s characters can be seen snacking on toward the end. Get our Michelada recipe here.

WHIPLASH: Perfect Manhattans

Whiplash centers around a young protege’s efforts to gain the respect of his demanding mentor. This quest for perfection demands a perfect drink to match—that is, one made with equal parts sweet and dry vermouth. Get our Perfect Manahattan recipe here.

BIRDMAN: Gin Martinis

Riggan, the protagonist in Birdman, is an actor so committed to his craft that he won’t accept a prop drink onstage; only real gin will do. This no-substitutes martini isn’t for the amateurs: no vodka, no fruity liqueurs, just a carefully measured balance of London Dry and vermouth. Get our Perfect Martini recipe here.

THE IMITATION GAME: Pimm’s Cup (the Benedict Cucumber-batch)

Benedict Cumberbatch, star of The Imitation Game, has probably had enough of people punning on his name. Sorry, Benedict—we still couldn’t resist this chance to cheekily raise a glass of this quintessentially British cocktail to you. Geot our Pimm’s Cup recipe here.

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Header photo and recipe of Yellow Bicycle cocktail from CHOW; and all photos and recipes from CHOW

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