Pot pie is one of the ultimate comfort foods and is surprisingly easy to make. You can assemble it ahead of time for a dinner party and it’s the perfect dish to feed a crowd—you can use anything from a pie plate to a 9-by-13-inch pan or an even larger casserole dish. Pot pies freeze and reheat well, and you can adapt the recipe to whatever you have in the pantry without a problem. Check out these nine recipes for pot pie and be sure to try one out this holiday season.
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1. Pizza Pot Pies

Pizza and pot pie? It’s not only possible, it’s completely fantastic. Shredded mozzarella, Italian sausage, and biscuit dough make these mini pizza parties a great choice for entertaining with little prep. They look as good as they taste and the pepperoni and oregano topping is an authentic touch.
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2. Chicken Pot Pie

Creamed chicken makes a luscious base for this flaky, delicate, veggie-filled treat, which includes peas, celery, fresh herbs, and coarsely chopped potato chunks for added texture. Make a double batch of the filling and keep it in the freezer for a last-minute dinner solution.
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3. Chicken Pot Pie Bites

These miniature pot pies are made by using a cookie cutter to create little pastry shells that are the perfect-size containers for flavorful fillings—you can use rotisserie chicken if you’re pressed for time. Make the pastry shells in advance, and you’ve got an impressive appetizer to wow your guests with.
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4. Turkey Pot Pie

Chicken is no longer the only game in town when it comes to pot pie. If you haven’t gotten your fill of turkey after Thanksgiving, try this recipe for creamed turkey that melts in your mouth under a golden pastry dough topping. We recommend using pearl onions, but if you can’t find them you can also chop up a regular yellow onion and use that instead.
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5. Fish Pie

Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes make a simultaneously fluffy and crunchy topping for this shepherd’s-pie-style take on the UK’s popular pub fare. A few minutes under the broiler after baking and you can really crisp up the potato layer. Minced chives add freshness to white fish fillets; you can substitute canned as you see fit and add additional herbs for color.
Photo and recipe from CHOW

6. Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pies

Poached chicken and cremini mushrooms are a tasty combination, especially when mingled inside a flaky pastry crust. You can substitute just about any kind of mushroom in this recipe, but whichever kind you choose, be sure to chop them on the smaller side so you can maximize the mushroom flavor in each bite.
Photo and recipe from CHOW

7. Vegetable Pot Pies

CHOW’s vegetable pot pies can be adapted seasonally—this wintry version has parsnips, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, and fresh sage. You can use puff pastry from the freezer or make a savory pie crust yourself; whatever combination of vegetables and herbs you decide on will surely be delicious.
Photo and recipe from CHOW

8. Phyllo Pot Pie

The classic pot pie takes a low-calorie turn with a few sheets of phyllo dough instead of the traditional pastry topping. Extra-crunchy and arguably just as tasty as the original, this phyllo pot pie can easily be made as a vegetarian option (think spanakopita for inspiration) and it keeps well in the freezer.
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9. Beef Short Rib and Ale Pie

This is the quintessential British pub order and it will be hard to believe you’re still in your own home after you taste how rich and authentic this beef-and-beer combo is. Choose a brown ale, such as Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale, which will meld nicely with the boneless beef short ribs, or try a lager for a slightly different taste.
Photo and recipe from CHOW

Caitlin M. O'Shaughnessy is a New York City–based food writer and editor at Penguin who has worked on and recipe-tested several cookbooks. She is currently in search of NYC’s best ramen, and is one of the few people who admit to disliking brunch.
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