The Ultimate Slow Cooker Pudding, Plus 6 Great Pudding Recipes

Fast or slow, pudding is never a thing we don’t want for dessert, an afternoon snack, or hell, even breakfast, eaten cold while standing at the open fridge. Our Slow Cooker Mango Tapioca Pudding is the perfect weekend comfort solution—let it go, unattended, for a couple of hours, then reap the rewards when you're ready. The six additional recipes are merely inspirational (that is, if there is such a thing as “merely” when it comes to pudding). Enjoy!

1. Slow Cooker Mango Tapioca Pudding


Coconut milk, tapioca, and fresh pineapple, plus sweet, juicy mango slices for garnishing—this pudding quavers on the dividing line between simple and extravagant. The fact that the crock pot does the cooking for you takes it all the way to indulgent. Get our Slow Cooker Mango Tapioca Pudding recipe.

2. Easy Vanilla Pudding


You hear vanilla pudding, you think school-lunch boring. Not this one. The taste of fresh, whole milk and real butter, plus the perfume of pure vanilla extract, makes this simple, homey recipe seem luxurious. Get our Easy Vanilla Pudding recipe.

3. Slow Cooker Rice Pudding


Just like grandma used to make, only in the crock pot (get the old-school analag version here). This is the most soothing, the most comforting of puddings, with cinnamon and raisins that remind you of childhood. Get our Slow Cooker Rice Pudding recipe.

4. Tapioca Pudding


Long-simmered small-pearl tapioca yields a comfort dessert with a quietly spectacular texture, soft, pillowy lumps your tongue can linger over. Get our Tapioca Pudding recipe.

5. Deep, Dark Chocolate Pudding


A combination of cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate give this recipe unsuspected depth and unbelievable smoothness. Top it with a whipped mixture of sweet cream and tangy crème fraîche. Get our Deep, Dark Chocolate Pudding recipe.

6. Mango Pudding


Gelatin gives this Chinese pudding recipe body and smoothness, cream gives it richness, and blended and strained fresh mango gives it deliciousness. Serve after a meal with complex, spicy flavors. Get our Mango Pudding recipe.

7. Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding)


Patiently simmered short-grain rice and water, mixed with melted bittersweet chocolate forms the basis of this comforting dessert (or breakfast, up to you) from the Philippines. For authenticity, top it with evaporated milk from the can. Get our Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding) recipe.

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