Of Cabernet and Clooney

Did you know that cabernet sauvignon is the “George Clooney” of wines, attracting “sophisticates with natural, unforced elegance?”

What’s more, if you prefer zinfandel, “You likely enjoy this high-alcohol red because you’re unpretentious and extroverted.”

These insights come from sommelier Alpana Singh, author of the book Alpana Pours: About Being a Woman, Loving Wine and Having Great Relationships, who was profiled this week in the Chicago Sun-Times.

The wine and relationship guru is on a mission to educate women about wine, dispensing cheeky advice like “Get over the ‘Pretty Boy’ phase” (“Pretty Boys” in this case being chardonnays), along with interpretations (that read like a horoscope) of what one’s wine preferences say about a person.

So, what if you like drinking sweet rosé or white zinfandel? Singh has bad news: “You’re possibly a homebody who’s not too knowledgeable about wine.” Better switch to cabernet.

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