Red White and Bluezz is a wine bar featuring live jazz music (hence the reds, whites, and blues), and audience member AquaW gives a cheer for the food and wine.

The menu is full of familiar foods with interesting twists, like fried mac ‘n’ cheese with sun-dried tomato fondue; maple-mustard glazed halibut with grilled pineapple; and pasta carbonara with craisins, pine nuts and applewood-smoked bacon.

But of course the main focus is wine. There are eight flights, $12-18, that come in cute mini wine glasses–good luck trying to smell your wine in them. With tasting notes on the place mat, the experience seems geared toward folks less experienced with wine. Still, the “full-bodied blondes” flight is good, with nice peachy and pineapply flavors.

Maryland blue crabcakes are lightly seasoned, with barely any mayo or filler, and accented by mango-papaya chutney and passionfruit aioli. The restaurant’s signature salad is watermelon and Maytag blue with balsamic-tossed baby greens and Tahitian vanilla honey drizzle. Lots of different tastes here, making up one fine dish.

For dessert, the Black Forest cube reinvents the classic cake as a block of dark and white chocolate mousse with devil’s food cake, chocolate sauce and maraschino cherries inside and out. It’s just rich enough, and very chocolaty.


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