Got time and a staple gun? The Southern Foodways Alliance wants you. One of New Orleans’ best fried-chicken joints, devastated by Katrina, will be rehabbed this weekend by an all-vol crew that needs a few more nail-pounders.

The SFA will be rebuilding Willie Mae’s Scotch House, a 54-year-old, 30-seat soul food spot honored as an “American Classic” at the 2005 James Beard Awards. More help is sought, since every bit of donated labor puts 89-year-old owner Willie Mae Seaton one step closer to battering up what insatiable NYC foodie Ed Levine calls “the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life.” While the hours are long, the chow’s good: feeding the volunteer teams (and writing plenty of checks for concrete and lumber) is chef John Currance of Oxford, Mississippi’s City Grocery, known for his suave updates of trad Southern dishes.

Ironically, hotshot native son Emeril—who was notoriously absent while the city’s eateries were losing their crawfish and clientele in the aftermath of Katrina last year—is doing New Orleans-themed shows on the Food Network. Anyone suppose he’ll show up at the Scotch House, hammer in hand?

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