Dumplings at Spring: A Lunch Upgrade in Midtown

Spring Dumplings New York

For quick refueling in Midtown Manhattan, the path of least resistance tends to lead to fast food or some undistinguished buffet. Spring offers a superior option: northern Chinese–style dumplings.

Boiled dumplings filled with spicy pork are tasty, ipsedixit reports on Chowhound: "not great, but certainly good enough for a Midtown locale." Pot stickers (pictured), filled with pork and chives or chicken and mushroom, are thickish in the skins and underseasoned but can be improved with a wide choice of condiments, ipsedixit adds. Also available: soups, noodles, beer and wine, and "Chinese tapas" (things like pork belly sliders and a northeastern Chinese sausage plate).

Spring [Midtown]
36 W. 38th Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), Manhattan

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Dumplings at Spring?

Photo from Spring / Facebook

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