Fresh spearmint is a refreshing addition to drinks like Mojitos and iced tea, but it also brightens an international array of savory dishes. Try these eight mint-packed recipes that Chowhounds love:

1. This spicy pork salad (pictured)—a riff on Thai larb that’s bursting with two cups of fresh mint—is “deelishhh!” Sprinkle on chopped cashews for crunch. –kattyeyes

2. Mint goes in the marinade for broiled chicken with lemon, cumin, and mint, and also finishes the dish. –Njchicaa

3. The half cup of fresh mint in Rick Bayless’s chipotle meatballs doesn’t announce itself, but it’s key to the great flavor of the dish. –juliejulez

4. Green onions, asparagus stalks, peas, and lots of mint go into the creamy puréed sauce for Jamie Oliver’s fettuccine with smoked trout, asparagus, and peas. Try it with crispy bacon in place of the trout. –Musie

5. Pulse mint leaves and fresh ginger in a food processor to make a paste. Season with salt and pepper, spread on white fish fillets, and bake. –Emme

6. Toss hot new potatoes in olive oil with garlic and plenty of mint leaves. –Gloriaa

7. For a twist on the usual Indian table condiment, make cilantro-mint chutney (see variation). –4Snisl

8. To accompany lamb or beef, make a chutney from chopped mint, shallot, green onions, cubano pepper, jalapeño, olive oil, and cider vinegar. –pinehurst

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Photo by Chowhound user kattyeyes

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