Ever seen Peppadew peppers in a list of ingredients on a restaurant menu and wondered what they were? Peppadew-lover Big Bad Voodoo Lou explains that they’re a branded pepper (observe the registered trademark notation after the name) originally discovered in South Africa. Cherry tomato–size, maraschino-red Peppadews are often available hulled, seeded, and pickled in brine (Peppadew International Ltd. has a branded line it calls Piquanté). They stay pretty crisp in the pickle brine, and the hot ones are about as spicy as pickled jalapeños, though with enough natural sweetness to balance the burn. Those are Peppadews dotting the pizza pictured above.

Big Bad Voodoo Lou has a thing for Peppadews stuffed with cream cheese. Another ‘hound, LaLa, likes to mix them with chèvre to make an awesome spread. Meanwhile, ipsedixit dices them to add to tuna or chicken salad, even fried rice. And Peppadews sometimes make their way into ipsedixit’s spicy slaw, along with sliced kimchi.

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Photo by Flickr member Phil and Pam under Creative Commons

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