Chowhound bob192 has a new favorite burger joint: High Heat in the Village. Its bacon cheeseburger stars a big, thick patty of high-quality meat, first seared on a griddle then grilled to a tasty char, with Cabot cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon, onion, tomato, and house-made pickle relish. “A big drippy mess, to be sure, but wow!”

High Heat, open since June 2012, also covers a second hound food group—thin-crust pizza from a wood-fired oven—and pours wine and craft beers. The place represents a new downmarket direction for chef-owner Waldy Malouf, whose upscale grill Beacon closed late last year after losing its Midtown lease. He sees it as an upgraded model of fast-casual dining and aims to open two more locations in New York.

High Heat [Greenwich Village]
154 Bleecker Street (between Thompson Street and LaGuardia Place), Manhattan

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Photo from High Heat

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