Toasted walnut oil adds a nutty flavor to foods—it’s best used sparingly, such as drizzled over a finished dish (its delicate flavor would evaporate in a sauté pan over high heat), Erika L notes on Chowhound.

A few drops of toasted walnut oil can elevate plain cooked vegetables or a salad dressing. Some recipes call for combining walnut oil with a neutral one, as in CHOW’s Walnut Oil and Chive Vinaigrette (pictured).

Walnut oil works well in baking. Use it as part of the fat in cakes or cookies to give them a nutty flavor, says cheesemaestro, who likes it in apple cake. Meanwhile, valadelphia thinks it’s delicious in homemade granola, and emu48 says using walnut oil in Jane Grigson’s recipe for walnut-onion bread makes the “best ever” loaf.

However you use walnut oil, just remember: Since nut oils turn rancid quickly, refrigerate to prolong its life and don’t plan to keep it for very long.

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