When you want to make pizza like they sell at pizzerias—the kind with stretchy mozzarella oozing from every slice—the key is to use the right cheese. Fresh mozzarella is delicious, but it’s wet and doesn’t melt well, coll noted recently on Chowhound. For maximum meltability, you need low-moisture whole-milk mozz, the type usually sold in shrink-wrapped blocks or balls.

Grate it yourself, Novelli says; the preshredded kind is coated with starch to avoid clumping and doesn’t work as well. For flavor and extra stringiness, Chowrin uses a mix of mozzarella and provolone. Many supermarket deli departments sell the Boar’s Head brand of both, grampart says, and if you get them sliced thin to order, there’s no need to grate.

If you make pizza often, consider ordering the high-quality supplies from Pennsylvania Macaroni Co., says JoanN, who’s a fan of its Grande 50/50 Shredded Blend cheese, Ezzo pepperoni, and 6 in 1 Tomatoes for sauce.

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