Foodspotting launched in 2010 as a visual guide for food: Users uploaded photos of dishes they’d tried, which appeared in a huge restaurant database. Today, Foodspotting unveiled a website redesign that ditches the information-dense, vaguely Yelp-like framing for a clean, purely visual format, more like Foodspotting’s mobile app. Foodspotting’s cofounder, CEO Alexa Andrzejewski, says that after two years, the site now has a rich cache of user photos for organizing into a visual guide. She gives Pinterest a slight nod for inspiration, but mostly cites her love of the shopping website

“The experience of getting Fab emails is like walking into a boutique—I love that experience. I always said I wanted using Foodspotting to be as easy as looking into a bakery window and seeing this huge array of macarons.” Check out, say, the new Foodspotting page for the world’s best xiao long bao, which Andrzejewski says she first learned about on Chowhound, before Foodspotting was born—you can search via photo, from Melbourne to Mott Street. Welcome to the global food boutique.

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