There’s no shortage of pancake pit stops in Los Angeles, so how to choose when the options abound? In a recent discussion, LA Chowhounds narrowed it down to a handful of not-to-miss spots.

Many agree that John O’Groats in West LA serves up some great ones (wienermobile likes the lemon variety, while dgusanz says to try the pumpkin ones). baloney thinks the best pancakes in LA are at BLD; heinous agrees that the blueberry ricotta pancakes are “irresistible.”

Mainstays like Uncle Bill’s Pancake House in Manhattan Beach and Du-par’s have their fans, but Jack Flash feels rather certain that Du-par’s classic recipe has been altered in recent years, leaving the pancakes not quite as delicious as they once were. The oatmeal pancakes at Salt’s Cure get a nod from ipsedixit, who calls them “chewy like a good dense bagel.”

Be sure to read the full discussion for even more Chowhound pancake likes.

John O’Groats [Westside – Inland]
10516 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles

BLD [Mid-City]
7450 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House [Westside – Beaches]
1305 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach

Du-par’s [Mid-City]
6333 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

Salt’s Cure [West Hollywood]
7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

Discuss: Pancakes….suggestions

Photo of BLD’s pancakes from BLD / Facebook

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