Casual, cash-only Rice Broker was intended as a temporary establishment in the space left by Spork. The building is slated for demolition, to make way for condos. But the structure’s end date isn’t yet clear, and mariacarmen says the satisfying, well-executed dishes should lure you to Rice Broker before its demise.

A stir-fry of cauliflower and calamari livened with lemon was the best dish of the evening—not surprising, mariacarmen says, considering that Chef Neil Jorgensen (also chef and partner at Spork) excels at cauliflower dishes. Tonkatsulike crispy chicken arrived with three dipping sauces—Korean barbecue, yellow mustard, and Thai spicy-sweet chile—that heightened the flavor of an otherwise mild dish. And pork and ginger meatballs were deeply flavorful.

Rice Broker [Mission District]
1058 Valencia Street, San Francisco

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