Month-old Noo Na isn’t the most authentic Korean restaurant in town, but Prospect Heights hounds are mostly happy to have it given the long-standing scarcity of kimchi in Brooklyn. Seasoning is muted and panchan servings are sparse, but flavors are bright and clean.

“It’s pretty good–and a GREAT addition to the neighborhood,” writes pitu, who recommends haemul soondubu jigae (soft tofu-seafood stew), slightly short on seafood but delicious, and respectable haemul pajun (seafood pancake) and bibim bap, available with spicy squid or beef. Barbecue is done not at tableside but in the kitchen; scratch reports tasty, fresh bulgogi (grilled marinated beef), served with a fistful of nicely sauteed onion and mushroom. jason carey likes dumpling soup in mild, tasty broth but finds a pork-kimchi-tofu saute lacking in meat and chile kick. “Americanized despicified Korean food,” he concludes, “but clean- and healthy-tasting, and a good neighborhood alternative.”

Critics are holding out for something better. “I wanted to like Noo Na, I really did,” swears giveitsomeseoul, a long-deprived Korean food lover who went with high hopes but left disappointed. She complains of sweetish bulgogi, cold rice and mandu (dumplings), and clueless service.

Noo Na [Prospect Heights]
formerly Nalani’s
565 Vanderbilt Ave., at Pacific St., Brooklyn

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