The much-discussed Oinkster, chef Andre Guerrero’s “slow fast food” restaurant, has finally opened in Eagle Rock. Those who beat a path to its door report disappointment with what they get for their money, but portion sizes have reportedly improved.

Hamburgers get the best reviews–juicy, on hand-formed buns, that at $4.75 for 1/3 lb. are relatively easy on the wallet. But the house-cured pastrami sandwiches prompt hounds to wonder, Where’s the beef? Oinkster’s version definitely doesn’t stack up to the average deli portion (although it’s actually cheaper than Langer’s).

At Oinkster, you can get probably the Eastside’s only Belgian frites, twice-cooked and served with garlicky aioli or ketchup. The house-made orange lemonade, made with cane sugar, is really good.

For dessert, coconut cupcakes and banana cream pie are sure things.

Classic burger $4.75, pastrami sandwich, $7.50-8.50, Belgian fries, $2.50-3.50, coconut cupcake and banana cream pie, $3.25.

Oinkster [Eagle Rock]
2005 Colorado Blvd., at Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles

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