Dwelltime Coffeebar and Bakeshop opened last weekend in Cambridge, and thanks to its superb coffee and beautiful copper bar, Boston hounds are impressed. It’s “quite wonderful,” hckybg says. “Great space, great coffee, great sweets.”

Blumie and bear report that the lattes and cappuccinos are fantastic, and tammyh tried a good pour-over coffee during opening weekend. Service was a bit slow, “especially since they have only one hot-water dispenser for their pour-over station,” tammyh says. “[But] I appreciated their ‘keep calm and carry on’ vibe.”

Initial reports on the food are positive, if not amazing. cpingenot tried the cheese puffs and scones, which were “tasty but not mind-blowing.”

emannths was excited to see taps installed in the bar, which will eventually be used for cold-brew coffee. “Cool,” emannths says. “Though if one happened to wind up hooked up to a beer keg at some point I wouldn’t complain.”

Even if beer isn’t in the works, emannths appreciates that the folks behind Dwelltime are taking notice of customer feedback: There’s a sign that indicates which side of the bar to order from, and another sign that explains the current lack of seating. “It’s a perfect neighborhood joint,” Blumie says. “I’ve already met a neighbor at one of the communal tables who I likely never would have met otherwise.”

Dwelltime Coffeebar and Bakeshop [Inman Square]
364 Broadway, Cambridge
No phone available

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