It is an unforgiving city that literally sends its tourists to jail, but in San Francisco, we have no problem shipping our visitors to a wind-swept, forbidding island-prison, and then feeding them overpriced, gluey soup upon their return. The northern part of the city is a well-trod trail for many visitors, whose guidebooks lead them to Fisherman’s Wharf, Crissy Field, and the ferry ride over to Alcatraz. There’s plenty of imported seafood to be had in these parts, but what are the tasty and casual spots that a discerning visitor should check out along the usual tourist path?

hazel1 suggests The Warming Hut at Crissy Field, describing it as “casual, local, and tasty.” The restaurant is in a storehouse that was built in 1909 and later refurbished to function as a snack shop. Alice Waters is said to have inspired the menu there, and whatever the provenance, rubadubgdub says the grilled turkey sandwich is good. Meanwhile, just outside the restaurant, Let’s Be Frank hawks tasty grass-fed beef hot dogs.

Other nearby options include the Presidio Social Club just inside the Lombard Gate at the Presidio, and Liverpool Lil’s just outside the gate, where rubadubgdub recommends the cheeseburger club served at the bar.

The Warming Hut [Presidio]
West Bluffs, Crissy Field, San Francisco

Let’s Be Frank [Presidio]
West Bluffs, Crissy Field, San Francisco

Presidio Social Club [Presidio]
563 Ruger Street, San Francisco

Liverpool Lil’s [Marina]
2942 Lyon Street, San Francisco

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