The Brazilian-owned Richmond branch of Mr. Pizza Man has been lauded for their doughy, awesomely weird pizza, like the sweet pizza with cheese, white chocolate, raisins, peaches, plums, and condensed milk. But they also have a great thing called Marmitex, says rworange–a Brazilian boxed lunch, named for the sort of container it’s traditionally served in. It’s made by a lady named Rosa, and it consists of whatever she feels like cooking that day–things like rice and delicious, bacon-y beans too good to adulterate with pepper sauce, subtly spiced beef cubes, and deliciously buttery cooked yucca. It costs $9, including Brazilian soda or juice.

Other excellent Brazilian pizza options include Cybelle’s Pizza in Daly City, which also serves awesome, massive $8 full Brazilian meals, like homey picana na chupa (cowboy steak) served with tons of side dishes, like a bowl of great soupy red beans with a touch of bacon, and farofa (nutty-tasting yucca flour puree). Manor Room Pizza gets the nod from a local Brazilian grocer. Check them both out.

Feijoada is a sort of hearty Brazilian bean goulash, featuring every part of the pig–sausage, snout, ears, tail, everything. Sabor Brazil market is selling fresh feijoada kits for home cooking, featuring locally made Brazilian sausage and all the goodies. Call to check for availability.

Mr Pizza Man [East Bay]
353 24th St, near McDonald’s, Richmond

Cybelle’s Pizza [Peninsula]
2985 Junipero Serra Blvd., Daly City

Manor Room Pizza Factory [Peninsula]
442 Manor Plz., Pacifica

Sabor Brazil [South Bay]
4820 Bissel, Richmond

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