mdg sifted through the usual suspects to uncover surprising dishes at a strip mall in Sunnyvale.

Mi Rancho is the restaurant he discovered, and though they have tacos and burritos, it was the selection of Colombian and Venezuelan food that proved too intriguing to pass up. The menu features cachapas (corn pancakes wrapped around cheese), buñuelos (cheese balls), and a sumptuous bandeja paisa with steak, sausage, pork rinds, and avocado.

mdg tried Venezuelan arepas and Colombian empanadas. Arepas come with a choice of fillings, and can include cheese, pulled pork, chorizo, or scrambled egg. The OP went for chicken, and these arepas con pollo were the standout of the meal.

The empanadas were also tasty, he says, but something seemed off about the filling-to-dough ratio. The salsa bar is good too, mdg says, and while the restaurant is a bit out of the way, the quality of the food merits attention from hounds.

Mi Rancho [South Bay]
1250 S. Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale

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