Whether or not it accompanies a Spanish meal, sangría made with white wine and fresh fruit, and fortified with brandy or other liquor, is both refreshing and delicious.

A hound favorite is this recipe from Chef José Andrés’s Jaleo tapas restaurants, which includes both brandy and Licor 43, a Spanish vanilla liqueur. “The cava makes it,” katecm says.

TorontoJo makes a pear sangría that she says is “amazing and so refreshing.” To make it, mix half a bottle of dry white wine (such as Pinot Grigio) with 1/2 cup Poire Williams, 2 cups pear nectar, and two chopped, unpeeled pears (one red and one green, for a lovely presentation). But be forewarned, “the danger is that it goes down soooo smoothly,” TorontoJo says.

gingershelley has a flavoring trick for both white and red sangrías: Add smashed slices of fresh ginger. “It is kind of a haunting, background bite and adds a spicy note as well, tho most people can’t identify it,” gingershelley says.

For a summery version, try CHOW’s White Peach Sangría.

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