Though anchovies have their detractors, mbfant observes that the fish are a useful and ubiquitous ingredient in some cuisines. “In Italy everybody always has jars of anchovy fillets handy for use in any number of recipes or just to eat straight on a slice of bread or toast,” mbfant says.

But anchovies are often sold in big tins—way too many for a single use—so why not keep the leftovers in the fridge (covered in olive oil) to use as needed? “I refrigerate them in a small jar, using the oil to cover,” tcamp advises. “I use them up quickly, in salads, pizzas, sauces but they have lingered for weeks with no ill effects.”

Claudette likes to make a concentrated bagna cauda with leftover anchovies, simmering them with a little olive oil and butter. Then she freezes small dollops of the tasty stuff on a pan, and bags the frozen dollops. “It’s a quick way to add flavor to my veggies and stews, and guests always love them,” she says.

hill food likes to freeze the anchovies, which breaks down the bones for a smoother finished product. jeanmarieok freezes her anchovies as well. “I wrap them in plastic, then put them into a Chinese food container, with other little things (chilies in adobo is another) so I can find them easily,” she says. “So I have one quart size Chinese food container with a bunch of little wrapped up leftover things. So much easier to find this way.”

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