Chinese noodles and dumplings made out of fish flour are quite rare, and they turn up in very strange places, Chandavkl says. “They’ve been seen at Zhang’s Family Garden locations in Manhattan Chinatown and Orlando, a couple other places in Manhattan, Ivy’s Deli in Austin, TX, one sighting by another hound in the Baltimore area, and locally at Osaka Seafood Buffet in Hacienda Heights,” Chandavkl says.

And now there’s been another Southern California sighting: They just popped up in, of all places, the all-you-can-eat Union Buffet in West Los Angeles. It’s that same elastic, chewy, fishy wrapper made from fish flour, Chandavkl reports. “This has to be the most unlikely sighting of all.”

Union Buffet’s version is fine, “but the skin is a little, uh, fishy, which might not set well with the typical West LA diner,” Chandavkl says.

Union Buffet [Westside – Beaches]
11819 Wilshire Boulevard, #106A, Los Angeles

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