Jelly Shots for Mardi Gras

In honor of Mardi Gras,’s Test Kitchen turned three classic New Orleans cocktails into elegant jelly shots. (If you can call jelly shots elegant.) They look pretty: Instead of the traditional paper cups, they’re made in baking pans and cut into cubes to reveal the layering. And they’re balanced and not too sweet, just the way a proper cocktail should be mixed. But if you prefer your jelly shots quick and trashy, here are tips on how to make the perfect Jell-O shot from native New Orleanian Poppy Tooker.

For the curious—or cautious—here’s how many jelly shots it would take to equal the alcohol in one cocktail:

Hurricane: 6 jelly shots = 1 cocktail
Ramos Gin Fizz: 8 to 9 jelly shots = 1 cocktail
Sazerac: 5 jelly shots = 1 cocktail

Hurricane Jelly ShotsHurricane Jelly Shots

Ramos Gin Fizz Jelly ShotsRamos Gin Fizz Jelly Shots

Sazerac Jelly ShotsSazerac Jelly Shots

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