Lau didn’t expect to enjoy the chilaquiles at Anepalco’s Café. “Honestly, if you gave me the menu and asked me if I wanted to try this place, I would’ve probably said no because the menu is a mix of Mexican and American and just looks like some type of ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’-types of menu that wouldn’t be good,” Lau says. “But luckily, looks can be very deceiving.”

Chilaquiles are definitely the thing here. Fried tortilla strips in a red sauce are covered with scrambled eggs, Cotija cheese, sour cream, avocado mousse, and pico de gallo. “The best chilaquiles I’ve had anywhere,” js76wisco says. “The presentation and flavors that came out of this kitchen quite honestly startled me.” The secret, Lau says, is that killer red sauce, which is “a little spicy and has this addicting tangy flavor that pairs just perfectly with the cotija cheese.”

Almost as much as those beloved chilaquiles, Lau also digs the huevos rancheros, which are similar, except that you get black beans and a tortilla instead of a serving of fried tortilla strips. The red sauce and Cotija make this dish, too.

Ultimately, the food here shows a light touch, moto says, “allowing the flavors to interact a bit more instead of getting smothered by too much oil, high heat, or overcooking.”

Anepalco’s Café [Orange County] 
415 S. Main Street, Orange

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