Koo’s Sweet Rice Pancake has not disappeared—it moved! You used to be able to find this food cart in the parking lot outside the Western branch of California Market, but it’s now moved to the Beverly branch.

Koo’s is best known for its ho dduk, a sweet Korean pancake made of wheat flour, tapioca starch, corn flour, and rice flour. It’s filled with a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon, and it’s cooked on a griddle. “The outside is hot and a bit crispy, but the inside is gooey,” Lau says. And it has a great sweet cinnamon energy.

Unfortunately, the stall has dropped in reliability. Visitors used to always get the pancakes fresh-griddled. But now, you have to rely on chance because sometimes a batch is made ahead of time.

Case in point: junglekitte‘s first experience at Koo’s was fantastic. “Hot off the griddle and scorching with the sugar mixture oozing out! Yum!” junglekitte says. “But the following two times I went, they had some pre-made [that] they barely reheated and handed to me. It wasn’t nearly as tasty as a fresh one, but somehow I still gobbled it down.”

Koo’s Sweet Rice Pancake cart [Koreatown]
Outside of California Market, 4317 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles
No phone available

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