While visiting San Francisco, wahoogin enjoyed an “unforgettable” oatmeal cookie on a Saturday morning at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market but failed to note which vendor sold it. Why was the cookie so memorable? wahoogin says it had “a perfect chewy/crunchy” texture paired with a punch of coriander.

wolfe and rubadubgdub examined a list of potential bakers, and concluded that Les Elements Patisserie was the likely purveyor of this sought-after cookie. Not content with Internet sleuthing alone, rubadubgdub hit the pavement and visited Les Elements Patisserie to try three of its cookies: oatmeal raisin with coriander, garam masala snickerdoodle, and double chocolate chip.

All three were excellent—even better than the bombolini and scones, rubadubgdub says. Our cookie detective also learned that the baker behind these treats works at La Victoria Bakery in the Mission too, and is currently seeking out wholesale arrangements with area cafés.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market [Embarcadero]
One Ferry Building, San Francisco

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